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Loyalty Program

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Be certain to read the terms and conditions for any particular hotel loyalty program you are interested in, but below is an example how one might be able to advance through a hotel loyalty program through either "heads in beds" stays versus through a benefit from a credit card. An actual hotel loyalty program may also have restrictions on a minimum number of stays not just nights stayed.
A hypothetical hotel loyalty program has tiers:

  1. Beginner
    Requires 5 nights to reach.

  2. Intermediate
    Requires a total of 10 nights to reach.

  3. Advanced
    Requires a total of 20 nights to reach.
A customer may have a cobranded credit card that provides Intermediate status just for having the card, though registering the status with the chain may or may not be required.

If the customer wants to receive Veteran status the customer will usually have to meet the 20 night required for Advanced ( NOT the 10 night difference between intermediate and advanced ), or get a more premium credit product that provides Advanced status, should such a product exists.