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Note the quotation marks around the word Romance.
Those are important.
When browsing internet forums in order to stay at least minimially informed, trying to avoid the subject of this page is as futile as turning on commercial radio or television while hoping to avoid a MyPillow ad.
Inevitably some person will have encountered an employee whose job involves working with the general public and now he or she has posted to an internet forum that he or she believes that that employee is socially or outright romantically interested in him or her.
The job of the employee referred to in the post can vary from waiter/waitress to a person selling a multimillion dollar piece of construction equipment.
Given how thoroughly South Park has already addressed this topic I do not want to spend too much time on it, but to be clear the chance of such an employee having romantic interest in a random customer is quite low.
Spoiler Alert: People trying to sell you a product or service will feign romantic interest towards you in order to maximize their own compensation.
Let's turn this around.
If the employee were not romantically interested in you, but rather were in fact trying to maximize his or her compensation, tell me how the employee would have acted differently?
Regardless of how any such employee should behave, it is highly difficult for me to believe that someone intending to take my money in exchange for a product or service coincidentally has a romantic interest in me.
Whether the theme of the employer is nocturnal birds of prey or hard hats, I ask that at a very minimum you too treat such encounters with skepticism.
Maybe the frequency with which she suddenly began working my boyfriend into each sentence after the ink on the contract became dry was also just a coincidence?
Or perhaps, maybe it wasn't.
Repeatedly misinterpreting this sequence of events might not be Kajagoogoo firing Limahl level dumb, but it certainly isn't great either.
Individual pages on this site and entries on the glossary page will eventually become obselete like apps on a smart tv going dark as they cease receiving vendor updates.
However, this particular page that you are reading now will remain evergreen long, long after I am gone and forgotten.

South Park: Season 7, Episode 14 "Raisins"