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American Express

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Important Disclaimer

I assembled this series of pages from publicly available information with no involvement from American Express.
Should any one or more features be critical in your decision to apply for an American Express product, please verify the details of those features with American Express.
As you proceed through this section, I would like to emphasize in the strongest possible terms that I am not now, nor have I ever been, employed by American Express.
Regardless of the certainty with which I make any one statement, in no way whatsoever do I speak on behalf of American Express.

American Express is a US headquartered global issuer of charge and credit cards.
Account numbers start with 3.
The American Express mass-market premium card is the Platinum charge card.
Even for many younger people, American Express may be almost a synonym for charge card.
However, in addition to charge cards American Express also offers a selection of revolving credit products.
For non-cobranded cards, sign-up bonuses and reward types will be either Membership Rewards or Cashback.
American Express cards can be one of:

This website will focus on personal and small business cards.
If you have a corporate card, you may receive a discount on an annual fee for a personal or small business card.
Other than the statement above, corporate cards are out of scope for this website.
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