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Puffery is a legal safe harbor whereby marketers and salespeople are free to make statements that are untrue under the premise that the statements are so obviously untrue that no reasonable person would believe them.
Puffery can be as innocent and playful as a marketing slogan on the side of a bottle of Snapple, or it can have far more serious consequences when relating to major purchases such as automobiles.
While automobile dealerships are not the only establishments that employ puffery, they are a significant source of puffery.
Automobile dealerships hide behind the defense that no reasonable person would believe the following statements, while hoping that .... well hoping that people actually will believe them.
To be absolutely clear, the following page is in no way intended to be an exhaustive list.
The laptop that I am typing this on only has a terabyte of storage, and my web hosting account allows for far less than that, so an exhaustive listing of statements that are misleading or simply untrue made by auto dealerships would not be practical.
Rather, the following page will be the highlights, or lowlights if you prefer.