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Amex Offers

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If you have one or more American Express issued charge or credit cards, check your American Express online account for "Amex Offers" for each card.
Credit cards that run on the American Express payment network but that are not issued by American Express may or may not have similar programs.
Amex Offers provide incentives to make a given purchase on a given American Express card.
From your perspective, ideally an Amex Offer will provide additional rewards for a purchase that you were going to make anyways, not cause you to make additional spending.
For those of you that put on remotely as much weight as I did during the Covid19 lockdown, I hope that you took advantage of the Amex Offers Destination XL statement credit that was available in 2020.
I know I did.

Types of Amex Offers

Amex Offers may come in the form of for example: cash back, Membership Rewards, additional points or miles in the loyalty program of a co-branded credit card.
For the last few years there have been Amex Offers for 10% back on purchases from Dell Technologies when you use an American Express small business card that has that Amex Offer and you have added the offer to your card.
In the summer of 2022 there was a $10 back on grocery store purchases Amex Offer which could be used up to three times on the American Express personal Platinum charge card.
While it might seem a bit pretentious to pull out an American Express Platinum card at the grocery store, I would find space in my wallet for a My Little Pony co-branded card if there were one and it had a $10 off groceries promotion.

Add Offer To A Specific Card

In order to benefit from an Amex Offer, you must first find the offer on your account and press or click the "Add to Card" button.
There may be a limit of how many card members can add a given offer to a card account.
In the description of the offer a date will be listed by which to use the offer.

Understand Offer Terms

Especially if the offer will influence your purchasing decision, by careful to read the details of the offer.
For example, in November of 2020 there was an AT&T TV Amex Offer with a description of "Spend $50 or more, get $40 back. Up to 2 times (total of $80)."
AT&T markets 2 video streaming products that are very similar: AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now.
For the AT&T TV offer, if you read the offer details you will see that AT&T TV Now is among the exclusions:
"Excludes AT&T TV and wireless bundles, { text deleted for brevity... } AT&T TV NOW, and AT&T Internet."

Cash Flow

If for example an Amex Offer is for a percentage off your purchase or a fixed number of dollars, the cash back might show up within a few days or it could take weeks.
Leave enough slack in your budget such that you are not reliant on cash back being credited in time in order for you to have funds for any specific upcoming bill.