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What is the difference between a draw and a mini?
A draw is when either a salesperson has no sales for a given pay period or the sales commission for that pay period is below some threshold.
The salesperson will be expected to pay back the draw from future sales in future pay periods.
A mini is the minimum commission that a salesperson will get paid for a sale.
The salesperson will NOT be expected to pay back a mini in future pay periods.
How a given dealership's management will react if all or most of a salesperson's sales are minis will be dealership dependent.
A volume dealership might reward him or her with a bonus and/or track him or her for a promotion to the finance and insurance office if the salesperson does whatever is needed to help the dealership meet a sales quota.
Conversely, a dealership whose focus is to maximize gross profit per sale might tell the salesperson that he or she will receive limited ups until he or she can learn to hold gross.