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Car Shopping Survey

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If you purchase a new car from a new car dealer, some time after you have signed the paperwork expect a survey.
Unlike this page's graphic, the survey will not be a secret ballot.
Sadly, in some cases, dealerships that try to take advantage of customers may receive better surveys than dealerships that do not.
How can that possibly be the case?
One such case is when after a customer asks for a quote on a vehicle, instead of providing a quote on the price, the salesperson pulls out a four-square sheet and starts negotiating payments.
A customer new to purchasing automobiles might be under the impression that the salespersion is "helping" the customer by trying to work within the customer's budget.
In reality, the salesperson is trying to help him or herself to the customer's paycheck.
You very likely have a mobile phone.
If so, you can compute payments just as easily as the sales manager can.
Ideally the solution to a poor dealership experience should not be a bad survey, it should be to instead shop at a different dealership.
If a dealership uses tactics such as negotiating based on payments, I might leave an unfavorable review on a third-party site,
However, I am not going to get a chance to give a negative survey sent on behalf of the dealership because I am going to get up and shop elsewhere.
Narrowly on the next piece of advice I may come off as an industry shill, so use your own judgement.
There might be edge cases where you decide that you need to give an unfavorable survey, but in general you should give a perfect survey.
The survey could have meaningful impact on your salesperson's compensation, and it is not coming out of your pocket.