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This page will include content that does not map to any other section, but for reasons that currently allude me I felt compelled to include anyway.

  1. Contrary to popular opinion, Hydrox cookies were the originals and Oreos came later.
  2. You have $500.
    What should you invest it in?
    If you have at least a modest emergency fund and no pressing debt repayment needs, start with a good suit.
    Maybe two.
    Start with a navy blue one, then later a black one should you have the unfortunate need to attend one or more funerals.
    To quote the late American philosopher Yogi Berra: "Always go to other people’s funerals. Otherwise, they won’t come to yours."
    Question: What if too few friends and relatives pass away for me to get value out of the black suit?
    Answer: From your lips to God's ears.
  3. Words have meaning, and sometimes individual letters do too.
    If you listen to enough PodCasts from the late Art Bell, you will be treated to at least several stories of Bigfoot sightings.
    If you read enough classified advertisements, you will be treated to far less credible sounding listings for allegedly immaculately maintained BMW automobiles powered by V6 engines.
    If the owner really believes that the layout of a BMW automobile's 6 cylinder engine is in a V, not inline, hopefully whoever was performing that immaculate maintenance actually could successfully identify where the cylinders are.