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Car Shopping

Being at the car dealership is like being the Twilight Zone. The sales manager needs to decide between getting a sale done and holding for gross.
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Every industry has its own quirks and jargon.
The industry that you work in might be higher education... and as fate would have it your car salesperson recently went on an emotional roller coaster learning the jargon associated with higher education.
The website for the expensive college that his daughter wishes to attend indicated that admissions are "need aware".
Last year was a bad year for his household, and frankly this year is not looking any better.
Initially he read the term "need aware" to mean that his family's need would give his family an advantage in the admissions process.
Would that it were... but in fact his family's need will harm not help his daughter's admission chances.
With that stunning revelation behind him, your car salesman has come to work with a renewed commitment to "hold the gross".
While it may have been a revelation to your salesman, it was in no way whatsoever a revelation to the woman that owns the dealership chain.
If all the salespeople that work for her company can learn to hold the gross, then instead of attending the expensive private institution that her employees dream of sending their children to, she will be in a position to send her son to an Ivy League institution.
What is holding the gross?
Read through the Automotive section from start to finish and you will learn.
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Alternatively, you can look in the glossary page under "H".