I've already made every imaginable mistake so that you don't have to.

Important Disclaimers

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Many of the disclaimers that you are presented with on a daily basis are intended to confuse even a very careful reader.
In contrast, the statements below are actually intended to be easy to read.
  1. This site currently uses Google Analytics to track traffic to this site.
    Google Analytics is a widely used tool for web traffic reporting.
    After browsing this site, you may see Google serving you consumer finance related advertisements on Google and other sites that host Google advertisements.
    Although given that you found your way here, Google may be presenting you with those already.

  2. With the exception of a few screenshots which demonstrate web addresses, none of the art displayed on this site was commissioned specifically for this site.
    Photos are intended for illustrative purposes only to indicate at a glance what a given page is about.

  3. I am not an attorney.
    Even if I were, I would be highly skeptical that any one person would be able to comment on the laws of all 50 states and the individual circumstances of the millions of people that collectively inhabit them.

  4. This web site will touch on topics in consumer finance.
    However, this site can neither cover every possible topic related to consumer finance, nor cover any one topic exhaustively.
    I encourage you to weigh the information presented here against that presented by other web sites and the opinions of your family and peers.

  5. The information presented on this site will presume that you are both willing and able to meet your debt obligations.
    If either or both conditions are not met, then you have critical needs outside the scope of this site.

  6. This site is targeted towards residents of the United States.
    Outside the United States any piece of information presented here may or may not prove useful.
    Consider that Canada and the United States are two similar countries that share a border, broadcast frequencies, and reception standards, yet even then a simple phrase such as "to table" an item for discussion can have the completely opposite meaning in the two countries.
    Also, in Canada milk comes in a bag not a bottle, so there's that too.

  7. Regardless of what you read here or on any other site, be careful to read and understand the terms and conditions of any contract or agreement that you consent to.
    I cannot responsibly address a topic such as buyer's remorse.
    I will instead strongly suggest that you understand the consequences of any contract BEFORE you sign it.
    To quote the late syndicated radio talk host Bruce Williams, "You've got dynamite in your fingertips."

  8. Despite this site's subtitle, I have not actually made every imaginable mistake.
    But it most certainly feels that way.
    So far, I have managed to hit most of the majors and should actuarial tables prove reliable, I am reasonably confident that there is still time for the rest.