I've already made every imaginable mistake so that you don't have to.

Equine Landing Page

This page is dedicated to my ride or die readers.
The rest of you may find yourself like the late James Stockdale, responding to a seemingly existential crisis with: "Who am I? Why am I here?"
If you have the great fortune to be too young to get the James Stockdale reference, the "Vice-Presidential candidacy" section on the "James Stockdale" page on Wikipedia is your friend.
Unlike Wikipedia, I do not have ready made answers for all of life's mysteries, but I can at least provide a plausible explanation as to how you got to this page.
When I was writing the Read First section of this site I started explaining that the url for this website is therationalconsumer.com but as a short-cut you can type trc.credit or glossary.credit and your browser will redirect you to this site.

Browser Address

I politely cautioned readers to use trc.credit or glossary.credit as shortcuts, not trc.com or trc.net, and most certainly not trc.horse or glossary.horse.
But then I thought, well why not trc.horse?
Why not glossary.horse?
... and here you are.
Given that you are reading this, apparently you are in fact every bit as silly as I had feared that you might prove to be.
However, be warned.
Just because you were silly enough to find your way to this page does NOT mean I am quite silly enough to add this page to the navigation menu.